Monday, July 23, 2012

Lego Hubs with Non-Lego Tires

Lego is often cited as the largest tire manufacturer in the world by number of tires. However, there is an upper limit on the size of tire that they make. I came across this post on technicbricks which was talking about using aftermarket tires on a Lego hub. The idea came originally from this thread on eurobricks. As it turns out, you can use a Lego 44772 wheel as the hub for all sorts of other hobby tires that are close in size. The reason you want to do this, and you do want to do this, is that you can put awesome tires on your Lego models. Let me show you a comparison of some of these tires.
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A visual Comparison of tires from the eurobricks thread
"Lego 54120 / Rock Creepers / Rok Lox / Two Face Tires -- From left to right (all mounted on the standard Lego 44772 wheels): Standard Lego 54120 "94.8 x 44R Balloon Tire; RC4WD Rock Creepers 1.9 Scale Tire; RC4WD Rok Lox 1.9 Comp Tire; and RC4WD Two Face 1.9 Offroad Scale Tire. Any 1.9" (48mm Inside Diameter) RC tire in the 37-48mm width range should fit the Lego 44772 wheels." - eurobricks

I ordered a total of 8 Two Face tires as they were the largest ones that could be found that still fit the Lego rim. There might be larger ones, but these are the biggest ones that could be found at the moment. The tires are made of significantly softer and gripper rubber than the Lego tires which makes them grip super well. There is some foam inside the tires to keep them ballooned out. Without the foam, the wheels would not support much weight. They fit on the rims very well too. They are not overly tight or too loose; the hub will not rotate inside the tire either. In contrast, the Lego hub will rotate inside the Lego balloon tires if you try hard enough. These tires are simply: beast. I can't wait to throw them on a model!

The tire fresh out of the packaging. You can see the foam inside the tire.

A comparison to the Lego's largest balloon tire and the Two Face tire.

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