Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brickworld Indy 2011


Here is some video of the IGVC robot under remote control at Brickworld Indy 2011.  The broken part I was referring to in the video were the linear actuators.  The robot currently has 2 Fergelli actuators.  The rear of the actuator has plastic bits to interface the actuator into a Technic creation.  Turns out if you ram the robot into something, it jerks the affected module around and snaps those important plastic bits on the actuator.  Mine cracked, but if the robot were to hit a table or leg again then the actuator's plastic would break for good.  Before that happened, groups of little kids were taking turns playing with the robot.  I had hordes of little kids and parents intrigued with the robot for several hours.  Lots of good MINDSTORMS and FLL chats were had with parents and children alike.  It was actually my fiancĂ©e that drove the robot into a table and damaged the linear actuator plastic bits.........Jessica!!!