Thursday, February 24, 2011

LEGO Sumo Robot

My sumo robot is a rather simple robot. It was inspired by my friend Peter Ehrlich. He built a sumo robot that he called the “Hassenpusher.” His sumo robot was specifically formulated to go against Steve Hassenplug's sumo robot. Peter's robot successfully defeated Steve's robot at Brickworld 2010. Seeing Peter's success, I wanted to improve upon his design further.

The Kinzie version is streamlined and simplified while retaining all of the unique features. When Peter's sumo robot was pushed, it had a tendency to rear-up on its rear wheels which seemed to help its traction. The center of mass of the Kinzie bot also allows it to rear-up in a similar way to Peter's. The drive train also uses a similar gearing set up, and placement of the motors. The plow on the the Kinzie sumo robot is constructed differently than Peters. The Kinzie sumo robot uses an ultrasonic sensor, which is embedded in its plow, to detect the opponent, and a light sensor just behind the plow to detect the edge of the ring.

It is programmed in NXT-G. The program starts off my making the robot turn to find its opponent. When the ultrasonic sensor detects a robot within 15 inches, it moves the robot forward to push the opponent. Meanwhile, if the robot detects a white line with its light sensor, it backs up, turns, and then continues to look for an opponent.

Here are some pictures of the robot from my desk :)