Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moscato Update

Until the price of hard drives come down a bit, I will just be running my raid setup that was in my dell sever. Its 2 2TB drives set up for redundancy. I redid my static IP table so that all of the IPs and ports make more sense now. This lets me intuitively ssh into any of my 4 machines without having to do mental gymnastics. All of my computers can now access Moscato's raid both on and off site. My friend was complaining about not having enough space on his 320 GB laptop. I do fine with a 128 GB ssd in my primary laptop because I have a server that I can reach from anywhere in the world that has my files!

I put Moscato in a closet. As it turns out, closets don't usually have outlets in them. I got one of those adapters that makes a light bulb socket a regular outlet. I also put Moscato on its own UPS in case of power failure. I measured the power draw at full tilt and got a draw of around 40 watts! In contrast, My dell server is 150-200ish watts. How cool is that? I am guessing that it will run for a very time on the UPS given its low power draw. It was running on wireless for a while, but now I got another Cat6 cable from monoprice.com to connect Moscato to my router. This prevents wireless interruptions from silly things like microwave ovens and things. Thus my server is now hardened against microwave Hot Pocket attacks. 

Who uses closets to store jackets and things? That is so 2011. Instead I put my ol Dell monitor in there with a keyboard and mouse. If I want to interact with the machine physically, I just walk over there and use the computer. Since the computer is sealed in a closet and is designed to be quiet, I can't hear it at all. It is like it isn't even there. Here are some pictures of the new setup. Since my room is dark, I had to use a flashlight to help my wimpy camera on my phone out.

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